FREE Midlife Muscle's Jumpstart Academy

A Free 7-Day Academy to Jumpstart Your Strength Training

Why Does Strength Training Matter in Midlife?

  • Increases your metabolism
  • Strengthens your bones
  • Helps control blood sugar levels
  • PLUS-increased stamina and confidence

What's Included:

  • 3 Strength Workouts with video demos and written descriptions of the movements over 7 days so that you know exactly what to do
  • Daily Education so that you'll understand your midlife body better
  • Accessible through our mobile-friendly app

What Other Women Are Saying:

Perfect for a late afternoon workout when I needed something that wasn't going to be super stressful to wind down after.


Thanks, Cam! I can feel my confidence start that uphill climb, and that's exactly what I wanted. Life's a marathon to a sprint.


This workout made me feel really good myself today. Thanks!