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Welcome to Move the Dial Method-A supportive workout community designed just for you.

If you're near or post-menopause, you have unique needs. Most fitness programs can't meet them.

You need to maintain muscle to stay strong and not lose bone. You have a much harder time losing fat and keeping the weight from creeping on. Your hormones feel like they're fighting against you.

Most fitness programs will leave you exhausted. They can also cause you to do the opposite things you need to be doing for your stage of life.

What do you do to avoid the typical complaints of most women during this time? How can you approach this phase with energy and confidence? Without spending hours working out each day?

MTDM is a place to build muscles, get healthier, and lose extra fat. It's also a place to improve your outlook without feeling tired or like you live in a gym.

Here's what you get:

  • 102+ Midlife-Friendly Workouts: These workouts help promote muscle growth. They take into consideration your menopausal hormonal needs.
  •  Supportive Community: Join our community of like-minded women within a private app. It's free from social media distractions.
  •  Weekly Masterclasses & Ask Me Anything: Clarify any doubts and gain insights. We answer your questions in these weekly sessions.
  •  Monthly Challenges: Add excitement to your fitness journey with engaging monthly challenges. They will keep you motivated and engaged.
  •  Weekly Midlife Minute Audio Mini-Course: Set clear intentions and achieve your goals with our weekly audio mini-courses.
  •  Access our user-friendly mobile app. It has demo videos and detailed written descriptions. They ensure you always know what to do.
  •  Enjoy flexible membership. You can cancel at any time by reaching out to Cam at [email protected]

Elevate your fitness journey with Move the Dial Method – the workout community that's truly designed with your needs in mind.

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